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The name SLK stands for quality "Made in Germany".

Service and customer satisfaction are our top priorities.

Who We Are

SLK is a German developer and manufacturer of medical products and rehabilitation appliances. Our portfolio includes a large range of products for compression therapy, medical aids against decubitus, patients hoists and equipment for bariatric patients.

Our Goal

Developing our products, we attach great importance to balancing therapeutic efficacy, 
user friendliness and economic efficiency. 

Especially with regards to medical devices a fast delivery and extensive service are important factors, crucial for therapeutic success. Therefore, our devices are standardly shipped on the day of the purchase order. In special cases our nationwide field service supports retail partners on the spot and with the patient.

Product Range

For years our product range has been perfected in cooperation with physicians, nursing staff and retail partners and was tailored to the patient’s needs. The results are therapeutically highly effective position- and compression systems as well as patient hoists suitable for hospitals, care facilities and home care. The systems feature high quality and extra durable materials.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions about our products.

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