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20  Years      

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Varilymph 12 Pro

digital intermittent compression therapy

•    2-chamber line-powered digital compression therapy device
•    large multi-information-display
•    easy to use: self-explaining handling
•    high-performance compressor for quick inflation
•    extra easy handling through plugs that can´t be interchanged

      for all tube connections
•    quick and safe deflation
•    large garment range
•    ventilated expanders available


technical specifications

•    pressure range from 0,59 to 3,15 inHg, (15 to 80 mmHg)
•    therapy duration from 15 to 60 min.
•    deflation from 10 to 120 sec.
•    inflation from 20 to 120 sec.

article-no.: 4000

Treatment Garments

compression trouser

leg garment

arm-shoulder garment

compression jacket

half compression jacket


The use of lntermittent Pneumatic Compression (IPC) is an essential component of today‘s treatment of lymphatic and circulatory disorders.


An electronically controlled blower ventilates the chambers of the garments which encompass the limbs or other swollen body parts.


The pressure and the duration of therapy can be exactly adjusted to the patients needs and indications.


Due to the convincing treatment success, the Varilymph 12 Pro sets new standards in the field of Apparative Decongestive Therapy.


•    lymphatic edema
•    lipedema
•    venous edema
•    mixed forms edema
•    ulcus cruris
•    post-thrombothic syndrome
•    post-traumatic edema
•    sensory disturbance caused by hemiplegia under strict       

•    thromboembolic prophylaxis
•    peripheral arterial closure disease


•    decompensated cardiac insufficiency
•    kardiac and renal caused edema
•    erysipelas
•    acute soft-part-trauma of extremities
•    occlusive processes in the sector of lymphatic drainage
•    extensive thrombophlebitis, thrombosis
      or suspected thrombosis
•    pulmonary edema
•    recent myocardial infarct
•    severe unstabilised hypertension
•    neuropathy


•    easy to handle
•    combine the time in free therapy periods
•    pressure can be set exactly to specific needs
•    high-performance compressor for quick inflation
•    quick and safe deflation
•    no unknown side-effects
•    high therapeutic effectiveness
•    ample assortment of garments
•    transportable and easy to travel with
•    comfortable for patient
•    good price-benefit ratio
•    medical aid number (Germany)
•    medical guidelines


At the beginning of the therapy the

12 empty  chambers of the garment will be successively filled with air

(shown with the blue marking).  


The duration of inflation depends, besides the sel ected time, on the anatomy of the patient.  During the therapy the chambers are filled one after another.


This process transports tissue fluid in proximal direction (blue arrow) to reduce the edema.


The pressure, which should be set by the atten ding doctor, can be adjusted exactly to the patient needs and the present indication.

When all chambers are inflated the garment will  begin to deflate regarding the time which is set for the therapy. After a short break the cycle will start again.