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In order to ensure a reliably hygienic work-flow, the clean and contaminated areas are strictly separated. The only links are through the disinfection and cleaning machines and the hygiene gate. Preparation work is performed by trained specialists.

Following registration of the systems and documentation of the individual compo-nents, the sheets, transport bags, mattress bodies and control units are marked for treatment and separated.
Cleaning and surface disinfection of the control units is performed manually.




Sheets, transport bags and highly soiled materials are washed at 60 °C in special industrial washing machines. 
The soaking time, dosage and disinfection temperature are controlled and monitored electronically. The quality of the washing process is tested every six weeks by the Institute for Hygiene in Hohenstein.

The mattress bodies are cleaned and disinfected in an automatic washing plant. The time and dosage are computer controlled in accordance with validated procedures, ensuring constant 
treatment quality.

The function and effectiveness of the chemical thermal treatment process have been verified by Prof. Mutters 
(University of Marburg) and confirmed in a hygiene certificate.

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