decubitus ulcer

(lat. decubare = lying)

Medical: Trophic disturbance of tissues caused by external (long-term) pressure with compression of vessels and local ischemia 
(especially skin and subcutaneous tissue) with necrosis, maceration, possible infection.


General: A decubitus is a pressure sore that develops, among other things, during prolonged exposure to pressure.

During soft positioning, the weight force causes the material to yield at the contact surfaces of the mattress.

The patient sinks into the aid and the contact surface increases. The pressure on skin and tissue decreases due to the larger surface area.


The tissue is less strongly compressed and pulled (shearing), blood circulation in the capillary vessels can improve.

However, this working principle also impairs the patient's ability to perform spontaneous movements. Soft positioning fixes the sunken body regions by increasing embedding and thus impedes the patient's own movement.

In the development of our products, special emphasis is placed on therapeutic efficacy and user-friendliness. 

For this reason, our lifting slings are specially tailored to the individual needs of patients with mobility impairments.


We offer individual solution concepts for children, adults, light or heavy patients, in the home care sector, in care institutions or clinics.

The use of systems for Apparative Intermittent Compression (AIK) has become standard in the modern medical care of lymphedema and lipedema.


A powerful compressor with intelligent control ensures an effective and at the same time gentle removal of liquid. The pressure and the duration of therapy can be precisely adapted to the patient and his needs.

The Varilymph 12 Pro sets new standards in lymhatic decongestion therapy.

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